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3 Custom Color
Bright Eyed Duo

Three custom Color Bright Eyed Duo, Beauty and the Boutique

3 Custom Color
Bright Eyed Duo


These two products are a game-changing power duo!

They form the best combination to instantly make eyes look more rested, they counteract dull tones found on tired eyes that can make them look tired, so you’ll always look like you’ve had a good nights’ sleep!

This duo is really powerful, yet simple to apply, together they bring out the shape and colour of your eyes, complementing all skin tones. Eyes look brighter, whiter, and instantly wide awake, plus, it makes smaller eyes look larger too.

Best of all it's a very pretty look that's very natural and won’t look like you have got heaps of makeup on. You'll just look more rested!

The 2 products Included in this duo:

- Clarifying Pencil

The water-resistant pencil has a neutral, nude tone, when added to the lower water line it defines to make the eye look open, adjusts redness, appearing less tired. It’s also great to conceal imperfections, a real asset to your everyday makeup bag!

- Satin Finish Eyeshadow
This eyeshadow can be used on its own on the eyelid, or over the top of darker shadows, to freshen the eye and liven up your look.

Makeup artists and beauty editors the world over love New York based Three Custom Color for their innovative product formulations, expertly mixed colours, devotion to creating quality products and solutions to every day makeup dilemmas.

As with ALL the makeup brands we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.


1. To brighten eyes: Very gently pull down the bottom lid just a little, using the blunted tip of the pencil (warm between your fingertips, so that it is soft), gently colour in the lower water line. Now gently draw the pencil in the 'V' of the inner corner of your eye (around your tear duct area). Blend with your finger. Eyes will instantly look brighter!

2. To enhance your natural eye colour: Apply a little foundation or concealer to your eyelid. Set in place with a little translucent powder (this little trick will help your eyeshadow stay on all day!). Next, dampen an eyeshadow brush with a tiny drop of water. Now, dab the brush into the shadow and press the shadow onto the eyelid. Apply additional layers of shadow for a more intense look.

3. To lift the eye: Draw a line directly under your eyebrow from the arch of your brow to the end of your brow, now softly blend the line with your finger for a more lifted brow bone.

4. Complete your look with a swoosh of mascara!

Price: £28.95


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