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The Pineapple
cliché Silk Mask

The Pineapple cliché Silk Mask, Beauty and the Boutique

Jessica Russel Flint
The Pineapple Silk Mask


We all know that a good night’s sleep is one of the BEST remedies for looking AND feeling great! With a good rest your skin looks younger, eyes appear brighter and you feel healthier AND more energised for the day ahead!

Sometimes though, getting to sleep is no easy feat – too many external distractions can make it tricky to shut out and turn off! Even a little light from a glowing phone screen or a hall-way light can keep the brain active. When your brain senses pure darkness, it causes the production of melatonin, the chemical of sleep. That’s why I love using an eye mask to gently block out all light and the world! Not only are your chances of falling asleep improved, but the quality of your sleep is greatly improved too!

This beautiful, luxurious silk sleep mask with its super soft wadding and silk pom-pom trim will make sure you also LOOK the part - every night! It’s also great for taking away on travels when you might need an extra helping hand to fall asleep…but still looking super chic and cute!

Plus, silk helps the skin breath, reduces puffiness and take down redness in the skin!

This is the perfect gift to yourself and anyone you care about.

A little about the brand…

British interior designer and illustrator Jessica Russell Flint is the brains behind some wonderful and eccentric, colourful creations! She mixes British Heritage inspired themes with contemporary colours and bold designs - and with the ethos behind the brand to make the most of life, to enjoy it, to embrace colour, and to think outside the box – it’s easy to see how you can fall in love with this lovely little luxury!

Dry Clean Only.

Price: £19.95


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