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The Azure Necklace
The Azure Necklace-Beauty and the Boutique


The Azure Necklace

Why Katie Loves This Necklace

This gorgeous, vintage-inspired necklace will add dimension and style to every outfit.

The antiqued chain, gems and stones bring out the shine in this necklace, inspired by colour from a cloudless sky, creating an eclectic feel of new and old, prepare to wow!

Katie's Top Style Tips

My favourite way to wear a statement necklace is to rock it casually! I love the juxtaposition that a statement necklace gives to a simple top and jeans for the day. It gives you more style mileage for an accessory that you can also enjoy wearing for a more special occasion too, with heels and a simple dress.

Wear over the top of dresses, tees, tops, even polo or turtle necks to bring a new twist to your style. It’s amazing how just one necklace can take your outfit from ‘now’ to ‘wow’.

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