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Tassel Silk Square Scarf
Tassel Silk Colourful Square Scarf

Colourful Tassel Silk Scarf


Boost your wardrobe with a tropical and vibrant flavour!

This has to be one of the most exquisite silk floral scarves around – the intricately coloured flowers with blooms in azure turquoise, neon green and hot pink as well as hints of purple, blue and yellow on a classic and clean white base canvas, makes this scarf a garden party for your eyes!

Evoking images of exotic plants, this silk scarf is an inspiration to be daring and wild! It will instantly add a sense of excitement and mystery to your outfit, and will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

The hot pink boarder also frames the palette beautifully, creating a real work of art of the elaborate design. With the addition of the hot pink tassels, it adds a sense of fun and that little extra touch, that helps make this scarf such a memorable piece.

As versatile as it is charming, you can wear this scarf in so many ways – just loosely placed across the neck, or tied to one side channelling that vintage vibe…with a tropical twist!

Katie's Style Tips

Let this eye-catching beauty do all the talking! My favourite way to add an instant injection of fun and energy into a basic outfit like jeans and a simply tee, is to wear this scarf as a zesty accessory – no other jewellery required - just a hot pink lipstick to match!

Add a bit of pizzazz to your look with this lively, colourful and vibrant tropical party scarf!

MATERIALS: 100% pure silk

MEASURMENTS:100 cm x 100 cm

Price: £23.00


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