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Tangle Angel

Tangle Angel Hairbrush , Beauty and the Boutique



Get ready to meet your potential new Brush Crush!

Your hair will LOVE this brush.

I have hair that knots, is fragile and prone to breaking!

For some time, I had been noticing that the weight and ergonomics of my regular hairbrush was ripping out hair and creating more split ends on a daily basis.

I wanted to find a brush that was gentle on my hair…yet tough on knots! The Tangle Angel 2.0 is that brush we’ve all been dreaming of!

So, if you (like me) have fragile hair that breaks, tangles and knots really easily, I think you’re going to fall hair over heels in love with the Tangle Angel 2.0 brush too.

The Tangle Angel 2.0 concept was developed by Award-winning Royal and celebrity hairdresser, Richard Ward who understands the factors that contribute to daily stress and strain upon your hair, and product design expert Richard Dunn, creating a revolutionary new brush that uses an innovative bristle design to glide through even the most stressed-out, fragile locks and knots.

The result?

Tangle Angel 2.0 – an innovative, heat-resistant, antistatic and antibacterial, ergonomically designed hairbrush…

…that also happens to look like a little slice of heaven on your dressing table!

Aesthetics aside, this angelic brush glides through hair (wet or dry) without tugging, pulling or hurting the scalp!

Plus, thanks to the added antibacterial infused bristles, Tangle Angel 2.0 is likely the most hygienic brush you will ever have used, hands down. It also contains antistatic additives allowing the brush to be earthed by the strip, reducing frizz and flyaway hair.

And wait - there’s even more innovative benefits…

Tangle Angel 2.0 has Memory-FlexTM bristles that easily separates knots without the hard work because they have been designed around the edge and centre of the brush pad where they are most effective!

Get ready to welcome your new, knot-free, antistatic and smooth tresses!

Available in TWO soft touch gorgeously finished options in Pink or White, the new Tangle Angel 2.0 will treat your scalp to a much-deserved head massage and leave your hair easier to manage, control and style.

My hair is easier to brush than ever, the Angel 2.0 de-knots gently and quickly which saves me time after the shower.

Plus, I get fewer split ends, which saves me money as I can go longer in between haircuts.

Just be warned - everyone will want to borrow it!

Short hair or long hair, fine or thick…this gentle, comforting and stylish brush may just be your new haircare addiction!

Key Features:

  • Water-resistant
  • Antistatic
  • Up to 99.9% antibacterial
  • Heat resistant (up to 120C degrees)
  • Perfect for detangling wet OR dry hair
  • Suitable for ALL hair types
  • Innovative design and ergonomics for more effective detangling
  • Memory-FlexTM bristles that flex and return to their original position
  • Ex-StaticTM antistatic earthing strip to minimise static and reduce flyaway hair
  • Lengthened handle for greater control and a rubberised base to aid stability
  • Longer handle lets you have better control and helps the grip

A little about the brand…

Award-winning Royal and celebrity hairdresser, Richard Ward, is responsible for bringing Tangle Angel to life with the help of product designer Richard Dunn, who after numerous designs and research, eventually developed the most ergonomic concept with the brush resembling wings – and they called it the Tangle Angel. More than just another detangling brush, these brushes are uniquely shaped for knots to be easily detected and most products include a handle for ease of use. The added antibacterial and antistatic additives in the new and improved design along with the highest quality materials (so it could be used with hairdryers), really does make the Tangle Angel 2.0 MORE than just a regular hairbrush.

As with ALL the makeup brands we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.

SIZE: Available in TWO soft touch finish options:




You can use the Tangle Angel 2.0 on wet or dry hair:

1. Holding the handle, brush hair from root to tip

2. Alternatively, if you have knots then brush the very bottom of the knot first and work your way up the section of hair, through the knot

You can even use it while blow-drying as it is heat resistant

When finished, leave the Tangle Angel 2.0 standing upright to show off the angelic design!

Price: £14.95


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