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Style Stick
Style Sticks, Beauty and the Boutique

Style Stick®


Say ‘goodbye’ to gaping tops and straps falling off your shoulders!

If you’ve ever worn a revealing dress or top that needs a little helping hand to stay in place all evening (without the worry of flashing a little too much skin!), then you’re going to LOVE this!

Style Sticks is the perfect handy tube to carry in your purse day and night! If like me, you’ve ever rushed out the door and then suddenly realised your neckline is too low, the straps on your top keep falling off your shoulder or your collars aren’t staying put…this little tube of magic has your back!

Any potentially embarrassing clothes mishaps will be solved in a matter of minutes by the innovative Style Stick®!

This easy to use stick is a unique temporary fabric adhesive that I think may soon become your emergency fashion fixer! And best of all, you can pop it in your handbag so it’s always by your side whenever you need a tailor-on-the-go! PLUS, it won’t damage your clothes or irritate your skin.

These are just a few of the reasons I carry this little fashion saviour:

  • Quickly closes gaping necklines and fixes button gaps
  • Help keep shirt collars down and prevents curling
  • Holds straps in place and prevents slipping
  • Prevents strapless tops and dresses from sliding
  • You can add your own unique designs easily to any outfit
  • Non-Toxic, Acid-Free, No Dyes or Fragrances, Water Soluble
  • Formulated specifically for fabric, it's hypoallergenic and water soluble
  • Dries clear and washes off easily with water
  • A great alternative to double stick tape which can be tricky!
  • Style Stick is safe to use on cottons, blends, polyester, denim, wool, silks, and linens

PLUS, you can simply reapply Style Stick® wherever needed, and the average number of applications is 50-100 per stick depending on the fabric type and the size of the area being treated.

Style Stick® is non-toxic, acid-free, safe and easy to use. The compound does not bleed or discolour fabrics and washes out in water or at dry cleaners or can be damp sponged off clothing if any residue is left behind.

Style Sticks size: 8gm NET

A little bit about the brand…

Keith Marchant is the inventor of Style Stick® in collaboration with Marcy McKenna. Having grown up inventing various products and creating solutions for everyday problems, he developed the perfect compound over 20 years that would become the perfect temporary fabric adhesive for any garment mishaps or times when you just need a helping hand to keep clothes together without having to sew a stitch or use any unsightly safety pins!

As with ALL the makeup brands, we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.



  • Style Stick® is designed for use on all open weave fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, polyester, etc. Should you want to use Style Stick® on closed weave fabrics (i.e. fabrics that have a sheen, leather, satin, nylon, etc.) then you need to allow Style Stick® to dry for up to ten minutes after pressing fabric firmly for 60 seconds.
  • Remove cap and twist the base to release product.
  • Apply liberally and directly onto the fabric (remember: if you apply too little, the fabric will not adhere so please ensure you apply sufficiently).
  • Press the fabric together with solid pressure for 30 - 60 seconds (it is important to keep pressing/holding for the amount of time to ensure it will adhere properly). Should you wish to reposition the fabric, you’ll have up to one minute before the compound starts to completely set. During that time, you’ll be able to reposition as needed. Once repositioned, press fabric firmly together for 60 seconds and let set for one minute
  • Let it set for approximately 2 minutes. Try to not move or shift the material for at least 60 seconds after pressing fabric together. Remember, you can always reapply Style Stick® wherever needed, by following the instructions provided.
  • The fabric should stay secure and lasts until you have the item washed, dry cleaned, or manually pull the fabric apart.
  • When you pull the fabric apart you may notice a slight white residue—don’t worry, this is quickly and very easily removed with a damp cloth.
  • Style Stick® is a temporary adhesive that’s designed to hold the fabric in place until it is washed or dry cleaned. If it should come loose for any reason, simply reapply.
  • To wash off style stick, simply wash it following the garments instructions – either machine wash, hand wash or dry clean.
  • Remember never to leave Style Stick® in extreme heat for extended periods of time. And make sure you put the cap back on properly after each use so the Style Stick® will not dry out.

Style Stick® is non-toxic, acid-free and safe for use on skin.

  • Remove cap and twist the base to release product.
  • Always apply Style Stick® to clean, dry skin that is free of any lotions and/or oils
  • Apply liberally and directly onto the area of skin you wish to adhere your fabric too. For example, if you wish to stick down a bra strap or a gaping neckline – simply add the Style Stick to the fabric (remember to apply liberally to ensure it holds) and keep the pressure on for a minute or two.
  • Anything on the skin you should keep the pressure on a little longer, but different skin types will create differing times. Someone with oily skin may need to keep it pressed longer than someone with dry skin. Whether on skin or material, it is easy to test out the adhesion - if it's not set up quite yet, hold it a little bit longer.
  • The great thing about Style Stick is due to its small size, it will fit snugly into your makeup bag or purse should you need to top up due to oil or perspiration on warmer days! The Style Stick is discreet like a lipstick and looks slick too – a black modern packaging that’s light and stylish, and won’t take up much space in your bag! I keep mine with me at all times for any sudden fashion mishaps!
  • Style Stick is easily washed off from the skin when you are ready – because it's water soluble, you can either just wash it off directly (with or without soap), or you can damp sponge it off. Because it is hypo-allergenic too it will not hurt or cause irritation to the skin either and won’t hurt peeling off skin! It’s similar to what happens when a regular Band-Aid or plaster is pulled off. As it is an inert compound it will not cause any irritation after use.
  • Style Stick® works best in dry climates as the humidity and perspiration can cause the compound to break down and not work as effectively.
  • Remember never to leave Style Stick® in extreme heat for extended periods of time. And make sure you put the cap back on properly after each use so the Style Stick® will not dry out.
Price: £13.50


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