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Face Wash 50ml

Slow Ageing Essentials Essential Face Wash, Beauty and the Boutique



Introducing Slow Ageing Essentials’ ‘Essential Face Wash’ – a unique cream cleanser that leaves skin brighter, glowing, revitalised…

…and gloriously rejuvenated!

This luxurious foaming facial wash feels different to any other cleansers I’ve tried and leaves my skin feeling gentle (yet thoroughly!) cleansed AND peachy-soft.

It’s what your skincare routine may have been missing!

Although it feels gentle, it definitely packs a punch when it comes to its naturally derived ingredients - with skin-plumping coconut fatty acids and free radical fighting antioxidant essential oils, that ALL help skin to eliminate any nasty impurities.

Enjoy that ‘lit from inside’ look, all thanks to its gorgeous array of essential oils!

Absorbing deep into the skin, luxurious oils such as:

  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
  • Naturally adjusting moisture levels, this sebo-regulator rebalances without oiliness. Natural esters smooth the skin’s surface and calming linalyl acetate counteracts elastin-zapping inflammation
  • Roman Chamomile Essential Oil Perfect for stressed out or pollution heavy skin, this sustainably harvested ‘super soother’ calms skin and relieves ageing inflammation, plus it’s the richest natural source of texture-smoothing and free radical shielding protective esters
  • Lemon Verbena Essential Oil This is a natural skin comforter thanks to anti-inflammatory sesquiterpenes and it’s an anti-oxidant champion fighting free radical induced damage. Terpenic aldehydes neral and geranial supplies added firming action
  • Rosemary Essential Oil A potent antioxidant that contains inflammation-reducing camphor to help calm puffiness and a natural DNA protector. It stimulates microcirculation resulting in glow-giving nutrients and oxygen. Great for more relaxed, smooth facial muscles.
Revive your skin daily by cleansing with this pure delight of a cleanser for a naturally dewy complexion!

Plus, you may just become a little obsessed with the lingering scent of this beautiful formulation, leaving your skincare routine feeling more like a delightful, self-soothing ritual…

…and your skin looking and feeling, simply sublime.

So, get ready to soak up the velvety smooth texture, heavenly fragrance, ultra-thorough and deep cleansing experience revealing a bright, energised and glowing complexion.

Pamper, nourish and delight your skin and join the slow ageing revolution, enjoying radiant skin results all day, and EVERY day.

I’m a slow ageing convert – are you?

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all ages and all skin types
  • Foaming facial wash cleanser
  • Includes plumping coconut fatty acids
  • Free radical fighting antioxidant essential oils, including Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil, Lemon Verbena Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil that all help skin eliminate any nasty impurities
  • Leaves skin bright, energised and glowing
  • An intoxicating, heavenly fragrance
  • Leaves skin feeling squeaky clean and peachy-soft
  • Stringently dermatologically tested to ensure it is kind to skin and suitable for all ages and skin types
A little about the brand…

David and Margot Lieber (Founders of Slow Ageing Essentials), together embarked on a lifelong mission using their expert knowledge and only the finest quality formulations to help keep us looking and feeling healthier and younger for longer. Having been involved in health, beauty and wellbeing his whole life, David’s dedication to a holistic system of coordinated body posture, movement, breathing and meditation is included in in every drop of Slow Ageing Essentials. An advocate of wellbeing and healthy living from a young age, Margot’s discovery of a yoga book in her father's collection changed the course of her life to working alongside Deepak Chopra at his wellbeing centre, and training as a yoga teacher and Ayurvedic health practitioner. It’s Margot’s own personal mind/body mantra that is channelled into Slow Ageing Essentials. Their passion for ‘life energy’ is experienced throughout the collection.

As with ALL the makeup brands we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.

SIZE: 50ml


For best results use the steps below to help energise your skin:

1. Take a pea-sized amount of the product into your palm

2. Add drops of water to create a cream

3. Massage the cream into your face and neck using circular motions

4. Rinse your skin clean

5. If you’re removing makeup repeat this step with a double cleanse

6. Pat dry – your skin is now nourished and cleansed!

Price: £26.00


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