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Brow Duo

Senna Brow Duo,  Beauty and the Boutique

Brow Duo


I’ll let you in on a little secret…I’m a bit of a brow-fanatic! No matter how perfect the rest of my makeup is, how my eyebrows look can really make OR break my look!

If brows are untidy, misshapen or sparse it can change the way your entire face looks. And because there are so many great brow products on the market now, it can be tricky to choose the right one. But don’t panic – my brow obsession means I’ve done all the hard work for you, and even put it in a DUO to make life that much easier!

Introducing my brow holy grail for quick brows on the go – the Senna Brow Fix X Clear Gel and the Senna Sketch A Brow Pencil. In my opinion, these two products are your BEST quick fix solution to the most natural looking and longer lasting brows on the market!

Senna Sketch A Brow Pencil

I’ve chosen the ‘Senna Sketch A Brow Pencil’ in SIX great universally flattering shades that are ALL on point – proving you don’t have to be a makeup artist to achieve feathery light, natural groomed and filled in brows.

Available colours:

BLONDE: for blonde and mousey hair

ASH BROWN: for grey hair

STRAWBERRY BLONDE: for strawberry blonde and light red hair

TAUPE: for medium warm brown hair

BRUNETTE: for very dark cool toned brunette hair

BLACK/BROWN: for black hair

The dual-ended pencil includes a thin and firmly textured long-lasting shade on one end and a small blending brush on the other. The pencil is complete with a very fine point, making it easier to create tiny hair-like strokes that look both ultra-defined yet natural. Fill in or draw brows that are smudge-resistant and enhance those brow arches for natural looking definition. I love that it’s also retractable, so you never need a sharpener (anything for an easy life!). And like magic, it seems to deposit just the perfect amount of colour - not too little and not too much!

Add that all important finishing touch with the double ended brush, allowing you to groom your brows, blend the colour and tidy the shape of your brows.

Senna Cosmetics Brow Fix X CLEAR Eyebrow Setting Gel

For that EXTRA oomph to your newly transformed brows, a translucent setting gel will really do wonders for your eyebrow maintenance. The Senna Cosmetics Brow Fix X Clear Eyebrow Setting Gel not only makes your brow colour last longer, BUT they also create the appearance of fuller-looking, thicker eyebrows without that tell-tale crunchy, sticky or flaky texture! I love that this formula is transparent, allowing you to use it on any brow shade without altering the colour. PLUS, it conditions your hairs for a healthier, well-maintained look that strengthens your brows over time.

Get ready to tame your brows with this superior holding gel – whether used with a pencil or powder, it will keep your colour on longer without wearing off! Take back control of your brows and add extra fullness thanks to the invisible texturizing fibres so you can enjoy thicker, plumper looking brows.

Key Features:

Senna Sketch A Brow Pencil

  • Dual-ended with a fine pencil end and a small brush
  • Pencil is hard-wearing so breakage is minimal
  • Retractable pencil so never needs sharpening
  • Pencil has a fine point making it easy to draw small, natural hair-like strokes
  • Buildable pigmentation allows you to choose the density of your brows
  • Fills in brows, making them appear more defined yet very natural
  • Brush is easy for taming stray hairs and continued maintenance
  • Fills any sparse areas and shapes your eyebrows for a natural-looking appearance
  • Lasts all day long and is smudge-resistant
  • Formulated with antioxidants that fight environmental aggressors and damaging UV rays
  • Senna Cosmetics Brow Fix X CLEAR Eyebrow Setting Gel

  • Gel sets the brows in place for longer lasting colour
  • Gel conditions your brows for a healthier look
  • Gel creates the appearance of thicker and fuller looking brows

A little bit about the brand…

SENNA was created in 1976 by Emmy nominated artist Eugenia Weston, a pioneer in the cosmetics industry for over three decades. It was the first professional makeup artist line to introduce more natural, wearable colours that ALL women could wear – every day. Award winning, SENNA Cosmetics has become a favourite among Hollywood film and television makeup pros, beauty editors, A-list celebrities and women like you and I. Known for its amazing skin perfecting formulations, richly pigmented colours and innovative mineral makeup, Senna Cosmetics believe “every woman has a unique beauty imprint and makeup has an almost magical power to enhance, transform and express that beauty”.

As with ALL the makeup brands we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.

SIZE: Pencil Size: 0.003oz. / 0.09gm Gel Size: 0.21 oz / 6 g


For groomed, naturally defined, longer-lasting brows, simply follow these quick steps:

1. Using the brush side of the Senna Sketch A Brow Pencil, comb through your brows to shape any unruly hairs.

2. Then, switch to the pencil end.

3. Sketch the colour into your brows and any sparse areas using light, feather-like strokes.

4. Blend the colour in using the brush end of the pencil.

5. If you want a bolder look, keep building up.

6. Once you are happy with the overall density of your brows, pick up the Senna Cosmetics Brow Fix X CLEAR Eyebrow Setting Gel.

7. Lock in the colour and shape of your brows by gently brushing through brows and keeps unruly hairs at bay.

8. Enjoy your newly polished, full look that will last ALL day!

PLEASE NOTE: This product is easily removed with makeup remover
Price: £31.00


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