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Scott Barnes
Body Bling Platinum

Scott Barnes Body Bling Platinum, Beauty and the Boutique

Scott Barnes
Body Bling Platinum


From the moment I opened this luxe packaging and squeezed the tube, I could see it catching the light and knew I had just discovered something very special!

Scott Barnes, the makeup artist to Jennifer Lopez, specially formulated Body Bling for her. It’s what gives J-Lo her famous glow. Lucky for us, Scott has made it available for you and me to enjoy too! Now we can all have a J-Lo glow!

The champagne highlighter gives an even, shimmering glow which can be blended to the intensity you desire. You control the shimmer.

Once massaged into the skin, it gently moisturises, while creating the effect of more slimmed, toned skin. It’s not too drying or too oily and gives an all day shimmer for that skin-enhancing bling! You’ll look like a cover star in photographs and real life too!

Suitable for all skin tones.

As with ALL the makeup brands we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.

Weight 120ml


There are so many ways to enjoy this lotion here are my favourite ways…

1. Mix a pea-sized amount into your regular liquid foundation and enjoy the type of glow that only comes about after the most expensive facial!

2. Alternatively, choose to delicately highlight selected parts of your face such as the tops of your cheekbones, brow bone, down the centre of your nose and top of your cupid’s bow. Simply apply a tiny amount and pat onto the desired areas. The more layers you apply the more you’ll glow!

3. Mix into your body moisturiser to give a subtle, pearly sheen.

4. Or go for a full shimmer effect and apply Body Bling directly to your legs, arms and shoulders. Massage in circular motions.

5. To make legs look slimmer and longer apply the shimmer to the length on the shins only and blend out.

This product is best applied after you have your clothes on, to avoid any transfer to clothing.

Price: £30.25


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