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MOTD Lux Vegan
Eye Makeup Brush Set

MOTD Lux Vegan Eye Makeup Brush Set, Beauty and the Boutique

MOTD Lux Vegan Eye Makeup Brush Set


Find out how the RIGHT makeup brushes can make ALL the difference to how professional your eye makeup looks!

As a makeup artist, people often ask me; “which eye brush to use for what, and how should I use them to apply my eye makeup?”

There are SO many brush shapes and sizes to choose from!

I made it my mission to search the World for an eye makeup brush set that would FINALLY make applying Eye Makeup both a breeze and a joy!

This brush set features NINE of the most essential eye makeup brushes you could ever need to improve your eye makeup game!

And the BEST part?

Not only are they totally gorgeous to look at (‘hello rose gold!’) they’re also made of the softest and highest quality grade synthetic fibres that pick up just the right amount of shadow every time, and blend to perfection – doing most the hard-work for you!

Umm, who needs a makeup artist?!

PLUS, they each feature easy-to-remember names so you’ll never forget what brush to use where on your eye! BRILLIANT.

Oh, and the BONUS? A pretty little Rose Gold Vegan cosmetic bag to carry your new fave brushes in!! Pinch me…I’m in makeup brush-heaven!

Key Features:

  • Set of NINE Cruelty Free & Vegan Eye Makeup brushes
  • Brushes made from Taklon - high grade synthetic polyester fiber (designed to give the best application possible!)
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial
  • Long lasting
  • Can be used on sensitive skin and eyes
  • Super soft bristles
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile and complete set to create any eye look
  • Includes a Rose Gold Canvas Bag

A little about the brand…

Makeup artist Chantal Azamian founded M.O.T.D (Makeup Of The Day) Cosmetics in 2014 to help anyone create makeup looks with ease using her line of makeup brushes. Inspired by various tools while in the industry, she created easily and wittily labelled brushes, taking the mystery out of what brush to use when and where – and in turn, educating us all, from novice to pro. Brilliant brush sets available for a beginner’s journey to creating their most desired look with ease and flair!

As with ALL the makeup brands we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.


Each one of these eye makeup brushes makes eye makeup easier and more professional looking! Discover how here:

1. ‘Mr.Handyman’ brush - for blending larger areas and shading in the eye socket.

How To use:

  • This large fluffy brush works brilliantly for applying all-over colour and blending out a harsh line
  • For a lighter wash and more subtle effect, simply sweep the brush across the entire lid
  • You can also just use this brush to blend out areas like above your eye-socket crease or on the eyelid to create a softly diffused eyeshadow look
  • Use this brush (once clean) as a last swoosh over your eye makeup to make sure the everything is evenly blended!

2. ‘Eye Catching Crease’ brush - the perfect shape for adding depth to your eye socket crease.

How To use:

  • This brush is a little larger and softer than the ‘Pencil Me In’ brush, but a similar shape and is best used for adding a little depth to the eye socket
  • Simply place the brush in the shadow to pick up colour
  • Move the brush in a windscreen wiper motion back and forth, and then in circular motions, to blend slightly upwards, away from the eye socket crease

3. ‘No Fudge Just Smudge’ brush – smudges out your eye liner for a flattering, smokey effect!

How To use:

  • You can use it to blend out cream, pencil or powder lines to create a softer, more subtle look and diffusing any lines or harsh edges
  • For a subtle look - use it with eyeshadow: Pick up the eyeshadow colour using your brush. Apply it to the upper lash line as close to the roots as possible. Wiggle it back and forth to deposit the colour creating more depth in a soft and subtle way. Using the same eyeshadow, apply it under your bottom lash line, smudging with the brush back and forth.
  • For a smokey look – blend out liner: Holding the (clean) brush like a pencil, wiggle it back and forth over your eyeliner to soften the line. You can use it to smudge any harsh lines and make them look much softer without losing the depth, simply creating a more blurred effect – this is great if you’re unsteady with your liner!

4. ‘Pigment Packer’ brush - great at adding intense eyeshadow pigment where you want it!

How To use:

  • This brush is a must-have – it’s a small but broad, flat eyeshadow brush and is perfect for greater control and to add a more precise and even eyeshadow
  • Take the flat side and place it in the eyeshadow to pick up the product
  • Place the brush on the eyelid, packing the pigment on gradually by just tapping and pressing it onto the entire lid, adding more as desired
  • You can also wet the brush, and place it onto shimmery eyeshadows for a more intense colour
  • You can also use the tip of the brush to apply eyeshadow under the lower lash line, or to create a very defined line in the crease of the eye!

5. ‘Pick up Line’ brush - helps you to create that precise eyeliner flick!

How To use:

  • Take your chosen product – either gel, cream or shadow
  • Dip the ‘Pick Up Line’ brush tip into the product
  • Ensure you don’t pick up too much product – just a thin coating is enough
  • Push the liner as close into the roots as possible and rest it in the middle of your lash line
  • Now, gently drag the liner outwards to the corner of the eye drawing a thin line as close to your lash line as possible, and swoosh out at the outer corners
  • Depending on your preference, you can elongate or make the line thicker
  • This is the perfect brush for easily creating that sexy defined liner look!

Just Browsing’ brush - adds beautiful soft definition along the upper and/or lower lash line.

How To use:

  • Choose your fave product – this brush works best with gel, liquid or powder products
  • Take the brush and, placing the tip of the brush in your product, test the colour intensity on the back of your hand to make sure it’s the right consistency
  • Then take the brush and dab the colour as close to the roots of your lashes as possible on the lower and/or upper lash line
  • You can also wet the brush with a small amount of water and work eye liner into a thick paste if you prefer
  • If you want that smokey, sultry look, simply blend the line upwards to soften it

Miss Shady Lady’ brush - an all-rounder, universal eyeshadow shader.

How To use:

  • This brush is all about applying and blending eyeshadow with its lovely soft bristles, but it can be used for almost anything!
  • Once you have applied eyeshadow to your eyelid, take this brush and concentrate on blending any harsh edges
  • Using a combination of circular motions, windscreen wiper action or outwards, feather out any harsh lines to create a more delicate, evenly-blended colour
  • Take your time – really make sure the colour is blended together!
  • Use this brush to pat on a higher concentration of shadow or sweep for a lighter wash of colour if you wish. You can also use this brush for blending concealer under the eyes!

Pencil Me In’ brush – create the look of penciled eyeliner with your shadow

How To use:

  • This brush with its rounded tip is the perfect tool for very precise application of shadow around the lash line
  • First dip the pencil brush in the powder shadow, picking up the product
  • Proceed to dab the colour in and around the lash line - try to get as close to the lash line as possible
  • Now, with the same brush, blend the colour lightly using circular motions. This will intensify the colour but in a soft-focus effect
  • The result will be a softer, more smokey look around the eye, blurring any sharp lines or edges

Blending Bestie’ brush - the ultimate brush to blend your whole look together!

How To use:

  • This fluffy brush has slightly longer, loosely packed bristles, giving it super blending powers! The best thing you can do for your eyeshadow is to BLEND!
  • Once you have applied your eyeshadow, take your (clean) brush, and work it in circular motions over your entire eyelid
  • This will help to buff and diffuse the product and soften any harsh edges
  • You can also use it for blending out foundation spots for more of a natural finish, or for applying highlighter to your brow bone

With these brushes in your life, you’ll be an eyeshadow pro in a FLASH!

Price: £49.95


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