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Masterful Collection.

Nanshy MasterFul Collection

Masterful Collection


Have you always wanted your make-up to have a more professional finish?

You know, to look as though your very own personal make-up artist has just freshly applied your make-up every morning just for YOU?

Perhaps you feel as though your existing brushes are in need of a serious up-grade…or maybe you’re not applying your make-up with brushes yet?

Either way, these brushes WILL change the way your make-up looks (and feels) for good! HURRRAAHH!!

As a make-up artist I own hundreds of brushes (in fact, I have spent a small fortune on brushes over the years…Eeeeek!), because quite frankly, an excellent brush makes a HUGE difference to how make-up looks on the skin and make application so much easier and quicker! It’s the most efficient way to achieve a more polished look to your daily make-up routine without spending a fortune on expensive products.

I first came across Nanshy brushes at a Professional Make-Up Artist Event, and I’ll be honest - I REALLY didn’t need any more brushes! BUT I’m a sucker for trying out new and exciting products so there I was, first in line, waiting to try out these little beauties!

As soon as I swept the brushes across my face it really was love at first touch! Each brush has been expertly designed to pick up just the right amount of products and to apply make-up completely seamlessly. They really do the hard work for you – these brushes promise to give you beautiful looking natural makeup.

The best part is that ALL the brushes are vegan frindly and antibacterial, and use the latest technology in make-up brush design and formulation for the cheeks, eyebrow, eyes, face and lip. This makes them compatible for use with cream, liquid and powder formulated make-up. A multi-functional brush to the MAX – what’s not to love?!

I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to test out hundreds of brushes during my career, which means when I come across something really outstanding, I just can’t wait to share it with YOU!

This Nanshy Brush Set features all of the essential brushes required for flawless make-up application. If you want your make-up to look natural and perfectly blended, this must-have set of PRO-quality brushes is just what you need. Now YOU can become the master of your own make-up looks…NO make-up artist required!


Nanshy Angled Detailer:
This multi-purpose brush is best used to feather out and blend harsh lines – I like to use it under the brow to highlight but you can use it to apply a light base coat or simply as an eye concealer brush.

Nanshy Crease Brush:

The perfect brush for softly blending in the crease, or when you want to stop your concealer from appearing too thick or cakey then use this to blend concealer under the eyes.

Blending Brush:
This lovely brush creates a seamless transition between shades and has been expertly designed to soften harsh edges – use as an all-round blending brush!

For perfect contouring, shading or highlighting effect – look no further! The shape of this brush has been designed to follow the natural contour of your face for that effortless application.

Blush Brush:
A brush that promises to apply just the perfect amount of blush on every stroke! It’s densely packed with synthetic bristles for even distribution and the compact design cleverly picks up just the right amount of colour but is also soft enough to make application even. A favourite!

Nanshy P
owder Brush:
This King of brushes applies powders and mineral foundations like no other! It creates gorgeously rich and high-definition results with even strokes for that faultless base.

Stippling Brush:
If you’ve always wanted that airbrushed finish, but didn’t know how to achieve it – then this is the brush for YOU! Just warm your foundation on the back of the hand, dip the brush, and stipple it all over your face.

Foundation Brush
This brush can be used to make your favourite products REALLY stand out! I like to use it for an even, smooth and airbrushed look – with a great foundation, the rest is easy!

Shader Brush
When you want your eyeshadow to pop on your lids, this is the perfect brush! Its bristles are firm and densely packed so picks up colour easily and fits snugly on the lid – a must have for every make-up kit!

Pencil Brush:
I love this pencil! It’s perfect for that sexy ‘smudgy’ liner look – you can use it for blending and smudging eyeliner or eye shadow, or if you prefer you can create a more defined outer eye look. A perfect everyday brush that I can’t be without!

Liner Brush
Nothing can be easier – this brush applies colour smoothly, precisely and for even greater definition.

Lip Brush
This little beauty makes application of any lipstick or gloss so simple! All you need to do is dab a bit of colour in the centre of your lip, then brush towards the outer corners until your entire lip is fully covered. Get ready to pucker up!

Cleaning your Nanshy brushes:
Hand-wash in any mild baby shampoo, rinse in cold water, leave to air dry (lay flat). I leave mine to dry flat.
Remember to only submerge the brush bristles in water while keeping the rest of the brush dry – this will prolong the brush life.

Price: £49.95


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