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Hydration Vaccine

NIOD Hydration Vaccine, Beauty and the Boutique



When a client sits in my makeup chair, the very FIRST first thing I do is touch their skin – if their skin feels like it’s missing that youthful bounce, this product saves my back every time!

In fact, each time I use NIOD Hydration Vaccine on my client they will feel their skin after, and always asked just what I’ve used on their skin to make it feel satin soft – and then THEY want to own it!

So if you’ve ever touched your skin, and noticed that it’s feeling rough, perhaps a little dehydrated (maybe you’re not drinking enough water?) or that it’s simply missing that ‘BOUNCY’ feeling, then this NIOD Hydration Vaccine could be your holy grail to plumper, more youthful looking skin.
Immediately on application, fine lines appear smoother and wrinkles are filled out and not as deep set as before.

With daily use, NIOD Hydration Vaccine helps regulate and fix your skin’s hydration levels helping to give you back the feeling your skin once had!

The texture is really balmy, a cross between a cream and a gel, and feels SUPER silky and smooth! It soaks straight into the skin, absorbing quickly and leaving the skin feeling amazingly hydrated, plump and bouncy again!

Whilst many creams purely contain oils and lubricants to simply mask the skins own barrier to water loss, the NIOD Hydration Vaccine actually mimics this barrier because it contains Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF). NMF naturally occur in the outer layer of our skin (the epidermis) to help hydrate skin.

The NIOD Hydration Vaccine seals in the natural moisturising elements, preventing our skin from reduced levels of NMF which can result in rough, flaky skin with more fine lines and wrinkles.

You can’t STOP ageing but you can slow down the signs, and be confident in the skin you are TODAY! So let this revolutionised your beauty routine!

Here are just a few ingredients found in The NIOD Hydration Vaccine that will help your skin revive lost elasticity:

• ‘N-acetyl glucosamine’ used to make Hyaluronic Acid. With increased levels of hyaluronic acid, our skin will look PLUMPER with fewer wrinkles!

• ‘Edelweiss’ (a rare Alpine flower) contains HIGH levels of antioxidant activity preventing premature skin ageing.

• ‘Xylitylglucoside Complex’ is a water-loving molecules that mimics how our natural skin locks in moisture, preventing tightness and flakiness.

• ‘Pseudoalteromonas’ is a bacterial species that helps improve moisture of the skin;

• ‘Mangifera indica’, ‘Squalane’ and ‘Babassu Oil’, are all Emollients which coat the skin and forms a moisture seal to provide relief from dry-feeling skin, preventing more water loss, making the skin feel smoother and silkier.

A little bit about the brand…
NIOD (Non-invasive Options in Dermal Science) prides itself on bringing us new innovations ahead of the mainstream, combining the needs of modern-day skin care and pioneering next-generation beauty. Their products are at the forefront of science and use a number of ingredients that all help us stay looking and feeling youthful!

Size: 50ml / 1.7 fl oz

As with ALL the makeup brands, we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.


You can use with your night OR morning regime, or both - just remember to use the Vaccine after the application of serums (if you like to wear one), BUT before the application of other creams or sunscreen formulations. Simply follow the following steps:

• Gently dot a small amount around the eye area and tops of the eyes;

• Apply a small area over the face, massaging gently from centre outwards;

• Remember to apply the Vaccine around your neck and décolletage area;

• Lastly, dab a small amount onto the lips; and

• Finish off by applying your regular moisturiser over face, eyes, lips and neck

You may feel you’ll need more or less on different days depending on how much water you’ve drunk or how your skin feels.

TOP TIP: You can use your finger (make sure your hands are clean) but I advise you use the back of a blunt knife or small spoon to scoop out your required amount, especially once you get to the bottom of the bottle. This will make it easier to utilise ALL of the formula in the bottle!

Your skin will stay moisturized ALL day, making it easier for makeup to sit better on the skin without going into creases and lines which tends to happen easier if your skin is dry and dehydrated.

Watch my video below!

Price: £35.00


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