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Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester

NIOD Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester, Beauty and the Boutique



Does your DRY skin feel tight and even more drier when you use cleansers and makeup removers…?

When skin is parched, it can be a struggle to find a cleanser that’s STRONG enough to remove all makeup, dirt and impurities from the day, yet GENTLE enough not to strip all the essential oils from your skin?

Sometimes, cleansers can leave our skins feeling dry, tight and really uncomfortable, especially if your skin is already dehydrated and in need of extra TLC to help keep soft and hydrated.

That’s why I’m thrilled to have found the NIOD Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester that not only quickly removes ALL the grit and grime from your face, BUT also leaves a protective barrier so dry skin becomes more supple and smooth, whilst restoring its natural pH levels for healthier, plumper and cleaner looking – and feeling – skin!

Nourish your dry and thirsty skin back to health with this clever and gentle face cleansing solution!

And don’t be fooled by the simple packaging – it may look like a NO frills product, but this is liquid gold for your dry skin, gently melting away any make up or dirt and leaving your skin feeling smooth, refreshed and radiant without any fuss, mess or that dreaded tight feeling!

The reason why NIOD Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester is so gentle, is because it contains ZERO detergents and alcohol. Instead it contains an abundance of avocado esters. These revolutionary avocado esters clean skin while working to balance dry skin to a more supple state without drying it out further. Clever eh!

A little bit about the brand…

NIOD (Non Invasive Options in Dermal Science) prides itself on bringing us new innovations ahead of the mainstream, combining the needs of modern-day skincare and pioneering next-generation beauty. Their products are at the forefront of science and use a number of ingredients that all help us stay looking and feeling youthful!

Size: 240ml / 8 fl oz

As with ALL the makeup brands, we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.


This NIOD Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester is so easy to use, ideally wiped and rinsed for a single-step cleaning! Yet it cuts through even the toughest mascaras whilst feeling SUPER gentle! You can kiss goodbye to your old traditional cleansers and toners – this is the ONLY product your dry skin needs to cleanse your face!

There are TWO ways to cleanse your skin with this NIOD Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester, with or without water - just follow the one you feel more comfortable with and that leaves your skin in the best condition:

STEP 1 – Remove With Cotton Wool

1. Apply the Low-Viscosity Cleaning Ester to a cotton wool pad

2. Wipe the product thoroughly all over your face

3. Gently work the product around your face, eye and neck area and wipe away with clean cotton wool.

4. Finished!

OPTION 2 - Remove With Hands And Water:

1. Apply the Low-Viscosity Cleaning Ester to cleaned hands

2. Massage product gently all over your DRY face, neck and eye area to remove all makeup

3. Rinse your face with warm water and pat dry

4. Repeat once more if you wear heavy makeup

5. Finished!

TOP TIP: A little goes a long way – a few drops are all you need - so this bottle will last a LONG time!

Price: £30.00


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