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Dahlia Shower Turbans

Louvelle Dahlia Shower Turbans

Dahlia Shower Turban


Get ready to shower in style and feel like a Hollywood starlet in the supremely chic Shower Turban!

I have to admit, I never really felt particularly sexy wearing those traditional, poufy shower bonnets – so, when I saw these super glamorous shower turbans, I knew those days were officially OVER!

When I discovered Oprah is a fan of The Louvelle Dahlia Shower Turban too, I felt as though I was treating my hair to another level! The Louvelle Dahlia Shower Turban is a shower cap BUT with a vintage flair…and simply oozes glamour! Perfect for every woman who wants to look and feel great, even in the shower!

I’ve chosen two classic designs – ‘Black’ for a sleek and timeless look, and ‘Monochrome Stripe’ for a more edgy, but equally stylish, look! Both styles will complement and flatter every woman.

The Dahlia is a knotted turban style with a stretchy, elastic and quick dry fabric with a waterproof lining that fits all. It’s the perfect accessory to protect your hair and blow-dry when showering, keeping your hair dry and frizz-free!

The old bonnet style shower cap has truly been transformed into a luxurious chic and stylish accessory that can be worn with pride - even outside those bathroom walls!

Key Features:

  • Quick, easy and comfortable to wear – one size fits all
  • Glamorous and sophisticated turban style shower cap
  • Perfect for looking chic and stylish in the shower, poolside or beach
  • Voluminous knotted style suitable for all hair
  • Developed in Australia from a luxurious, silky, quick dry stretch fabric with a water proof lining
  • Because it has a firmer fit it ensures your blow dry is protected while showering
  • Also wear it to protect your hairline when removing makeup, body scrubs and face masks
  • Packaged in a luxurious gift box

A little bit about the brand…

Australian brand ‘Louvelle’s turban style shower caps were launched in 2014 for women wanting a more stylish way to preserve their blow dry in between washes! No more uninspired ‘bonnet’ style shower caps, instead these designs took inspiration from those classic, timeless headscarves and turbans worn in the vintage Hollywood era. Feel like a glamorous starlet in these chic shower caps. Founder Simone Taylor’s mission was to create luxurious and unique accessories that are affordable yet high quality. Now hailed as one of Oprah’s favourite things in 2017, it has also been spotted on many celebrities, adding that touch of glamour to women's travel with a bohemian twist.

As with ALL the makeup brands we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.

SIZE: One size fits all


For best results, simply follow these easy to use directions:

1. Gather all your hair up

2. Put the shower cap on front to back

3. Ensure all your hair is enclosed

4. For best results, angle the shower below your head

5. Enjoy looking glamorous in the shower, poolside, beach or just around the house!
Price: £28.00


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