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Lord & Berry
Lip Oil Potion

Lord & Berry Lip Oil Potion, Beauty and the Boutique

Lord & Berry


Do you suffer from cracked, dry or dehydrate lips…? Is it especially noticeable when you’re wearing lipstick, with the colour creeping into crevices OR dry flaky patches? It means your lips are crying out for some extra TLC!

Just like we spend time moisturising and caring for our skin, our lips deserve that same treatment too!

So keep lips looking young and plump, I’m going to let you in on a secret of how to give them their daily TLC and help keep them looking smooth and luscious!

My trick to keeping my clients’ lips (and mine!) stay plump, smooth and hydrated is to use the Lord & Berry's Lip Oil Potion Treatment. This little magic potion contains active ingredients and essential plant oil extracts that will not only instantly treat your lips, but with continuous use they will keep your lips conditioned - whatever the season!

Unlike other glosses, this Lip Oil soaks into your lips really well even if you apply a thick coat and doesn’t leave any sticky mess!

The real beauty of this product is that you can use it both as a hydrating and nourishing oil on its own OR you can use it over your lipstick to create a lovely sheen and plump up that pout! Either way, your lips will thank you for it!

The amazing Ingredients to treat your lips:

ARGAN OIL - an anti-aging oil with high levels of Vitamin E to aid tissue healing. An effective treatment for dry and chapped lips

BORAGE SEED OIL - a natural decongestant for the treatment of irritated and scaly lips

JOJOBA OIL - to sooth and calm the lips

SHEA BUTTER - to nourish and soften the lips

VEGETABLE SQUALANE - an anti-oxidant to help prevent collagen loss and rejuvenate the lips

PORTULACA PILOSA - to help keep lip volume and hydrate the lips

A little about the brand…

Lord & Berry is a boutique Italian fashion house, that have revolutionised make up into an important fashion accessory since 1992. Dedicated to creating style, it’s been a firm favourite backstage during Milan and Paris fashion weeks for years! By using only the highest quality raw materials AND hypoallergenic ingredients, they combine modern textures and contemporary colours into a premium products, and this Lip Oil Potion is the PERFECT testament to that philosophy!

Size: 7ml

Shade: Un-tinted

As with ALL the makeup brands,
we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.


You can use it at night for the perfect hydrating lotion while you sleep OR during the day, either alone for a natural look or over lipstick to help condition your lips on the go!
Check out my TWO tips on how best to use this Lip Oil Treatment:

Apply the Lip Potion oil to bare lips to hydrate, nourish and fix your lips. This will make your smile appear healthier and more youthful looking!

Apply Lip Potion over your favourite lipstick shade – this will keep your lips hydrated, like a day spa for your pout (especially if the lipstick is a matte one, which can dry out lips).

Price: £16.95


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