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Chamomile Eraser Pen
Lashfood Chamomile Eraser Pen, Beauty and the Boutique



Do you struggle to apply makeup neatly – especially when in a hurry…?

If your eyeliner just won’t play ball some mornings, your lipliner starts to feather, or when mascara smudges…and you end up having to start from scratch, then get ready for a little miracle makeup SOS fixer!

Introduce your makeup bag to potentially its most valuable product yet:

Lashfood’s Chamomile Makeup Eraser Pen…

…ready for ALL your makeup emergencies or touch ups at home OR on the go!

Brows, lips, eyes and face – regardless of the mistake, this is an absolute makeup must have!

And if you're someone like me (always in a rush!), then hands down, it’s quickly become one of my favourite new products to hit my makeup collection – like a travel friendly, precise and convenient makeup remover in a handy pen – ready for anything, anywhere.


This little makeup fixer will have friends wondering just HOW you became such a makeup pro overnight…and you wondering how you EVER survived before?

This pen is EVERYTHING.

I’m officially obsessed (and have one at work, in my handbag…oh, and my makeup bag!), you know, just in case…!

Strong enough to remove even waterproof formulas, this clever Makeup Eraser Pen is super gentle thanks to the infused Chamomile and Vitamin E to soothe sensitive skin.

Your new instant multitasking cure, it helps magically erase any mistakes in one easy swipe; cleaning up brows, perfecting eyeliner flicks and defining your pout - conveniently, efficiently and highly skilled!

Because the tip of the pen (which is reversible!) is made of charcoal, it cleverly soaks up dirt with precision, meaning less waste, less mess, and less time spent trying to correct.

Plus, there’s NO more need for endless cotton buds / Q-tips to correct any mistakes ever again. BONUS.

Clean up smudges, perform quick fixes and erase mistakes - this magic pen is a makeup game changer!

Help correct any makeup mishaps without affecting the rest of your face AND in no time…

…transforming your makeup fail into your new (and improved) makeup win!

Key Features:

  • Instantly perfects makeup mistakes on brows, lips & eyeliner
  • Helps gently and effectively remove waterproof formulas
  • Infused with Chamomile and Vitamin E to soothe sensitive skin
  • Handy, reversible tip to make pen last longer
  • Easy to use, clean and carry in your purse
  • Ensures your makeup looks professional and flawless always!
A little about the brand…

Effortless, natural beauty for the modern woman is LASHFOOD | BROWFOOD’s philosophy using clean ingredients with effective results by pioneers of eyelash extensions Jane Kim and her daughter Faith. The discovery of a breakthrough formula, Phyto-Medic Complex, meant that they could delivers nature’s most powerful ingredients to achieve clinically proven results with 99%+ natural and organic ingredients without irritation. LASHFOOD brings effortless beauty backed by high-performance naturals and is committed to flawless beauty made with skin-loving ingredients.

As with ALL the makeup brands we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.

SIZE: 1 mL / 0.03 fl. oz.


For best results, simply follow these quick steps:

Step 1. Apply the tip to perfect and fix any area such as eyeliner, brows or lips

Step 2. Keep your pen fresh by always wiping off any excess product after each use with a clean tissue - this makes it easier to use on different areas of the face

Step 3. Once the nib has been worn down, simply pull out the tip and flip it over to reveal a clean and newly refreshed point!

Price: £16.00


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