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Gingerlily London
Pure Silk Pillow Case

Gingerlily London Pure Silk Pillow Case - Beauty and the Boutique

Gingerlily London
Pure Silk Pillow Case


Since I started sleeping on this silk beauty pillowcase, I felt the beauty benefits within a couple of days. I no longer wake with such deep ‘sleep creases’, or matted ‘bed-head’ hair and my skin feels softer.

Here are all the ways this pillow is going to supercharge your beauty sleep too…

1. Skin looks younger: The silk contains natural proteins and amino acids that help promote the production of collagen and elastin. They work together, whilst you sleep, at keeping your skin younger-looking for longer.

2. The smoothness of silk allows your face to glide over the pillow; ensuring skin does not pull or drag as you change positions throughout the night.

Hair wakes up smoother: This silk pillowcase will reduce friction and moisture-loss, preventing hair from becoming dry and brittle. So hair wakes up much shinier, sleeker and happier too.

3. Face creams work harder: You’ve spent a lot of money and time finding the best night cream for your face, don’t put it to waste by sleeping on your regular pillow. Because silk is naturally less absorbent, this pillowcase is going to ensure that your cream gets absorbed into your skin and not into the material of your regular pillow.

4. Skin is less irritated: Your skin can’t breathe resting on man-made fibres. As a result skin gets irritated and looks dull. The silk in this pillowcase is hypoallergenic, breathable and is exceptional at regulating the body’s temperature, limiting perspiration and skin irritation, thus giving you a more comfortable night’s sleep.

This beauty pillow will fit all standard size pillows


Treat your skin at bedtime to the same tender care that would you give it during the day.

Quite simply, make a silk pillowcase part of your nightly skin routine too.

Once cleansed, pat your night cream gently into your face and décolleté and wipe away any excess before lying down. Now sleep easy whilst your Gingerlily London silk pillowcase gets to work.

Pillowcase Size Standard 50cm x 75cm

Price: £45.00


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