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Eye of Horus
Velvet Lips

Eye of Horus Velvet Lips, Beauty and the Boutique



Say HELLO to possibly the most versatile lipstick you could ever own!


Because, these Eye of Horus Velvet Matte Lipsticks can be worn in TWO ways:

‘Naturally Sheer’ or ‘Statement Bold’ – you choose how you like to wear your Eye of Horus Velvet Matte Lipstick on any given day!

The velvety-matte, nourishing and super pigmented formula leaves a beautifully subtle look with just one quick and easy swipe from the perfectly formed button teardrop; or pump up the look with three coats for an ultra-comfortable, full-coverage and gorgeous colour…

…without ever drying out your lips!

The revolutionary design ensures your lips are given the perfect amount of lipstick with each application.

Simply click the push button to release the lipstick and glide onto lips for a perfectly precise contour!

One coat will give you a natural look with a sheer wash of colour; and three coats will give your lips a bold statement colour!

These carefully selected FIVE lipstick shades are some of my all-time favourite colours:

  • The Seductress – A vibrant, seductive and dazzling coral shade
  • The Spellbound - A wearable, vintage dusty rose pink
  • The Vixen – A perfectly classic red with a dangerous edge
  • The Charmed – An unforgettable, charming and eye-catching fuchsia pink
  • The Bewitched – A marriage of red and orange with the sweetest mulberry hue

Made from a high-quality, velvet-matte and long-lasting, non-drying formulation; not only do they feel sensational on lips, but they contain natural and active ingredients to help re-hydrate and nurture lips.

Awaken your inner Goddess alter ego with any one of these irresistible shades…in a subtle and sheer or bold way!

The Velvet Lips Range comes in ten seductive deeply pigmented shades that are sure to turn heads.

What do you feel compelled to channel?

The vibrant rouge Vixen… or perhaps the beautiful dusty pink Spellbound?

Whichever you choose (or maybe they choose you!), you can be assured of the highest quality deluxe experience with their kiss-proof long lasting formula that delivers a full-coverage look.

The classic velvet-matte formula feels sensational on your lips, featuring natural active ingredients which support rehydration and nourishment.

You’ll never want to take her off.

Key Features:

  • Can be worn TWO ways; sheer and bold!
  • Infused with Moringa Seed Oil, Arnica, Chamomile, and Cranberry Extracts to nourish, treat and moisturise lips as you wear
  • Stunning velvety matte formula
  • Non-drying and ultra-nourishing
  • Innovative push button teardrop application ensures the perfect coat of lipstick every time!

A little about the brand…

Eye of Horus is an award-winning Australian brand of colour cosmetics. The iconic Eye of Horus range was inspired by the ancient Egyptians who wore eye makeup believing that it offered magical power and protection to the wearer. The formula is based on ancient sacred ingredients (including Organic Moringa Oil aka “Oil of the Pharaohs” and Castor Oil) delivering the highest quality performing products helping all women feel like a true Goddess! The brand has quickly achieved cult status amongst fans, celebrities and professional Make-up Artists around the world.

As with ALL the makeup brands we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.

SIZE: 1.5g / 0.0529 oz


How to Activate your lipstick:

Upon your very first application (with a new lipstick) you’ll need to activate it by clicking the base of the applicator 20 – 30 times (this is very easy and quick to do!).

For each lipstick application thereafter, simply click the base 2 – 3 times (you only need a tiny amount each time).

For a Natural Sheer Look:

1. Click the button 2 - 3 times until a small amount appears above the rim of the teardrop tip

2. Apply to your lips directly from the tube, using the teardrop shape to follow the contours and shape of your lips

3. Use one coat to deliver a beautifully natural sheer colour to your lips.

For a Statement Bold Look:

1. Click the button 2-3 times until a small amount appears above the rim of the teardrop tip

2. Apply to your lips directly from the tube, using the teardrop shape to follow the contours and shape of your lips

3. Apply three or more coats for a bold look – the more you apply, the more intense the shade appears!


Always keep the cap on tight after use to ensure the beautiful waxes do not dry out. The lipstick cannot be retracted so ensure you only dispense the amount to be used.
Price: £22.00


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