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Eye of Horus
Bio Lip Elixir

Eye Of Horus Bio Lip Elixir, Beauty and the Boutique



Introducing a lip gloss for all you ‘NON-gloss’ girls out there!

As a Makeup Artist, I’ve noticed a BIG divide when it comes to lip gloss; those on the ‘gloss’ team and those on the ‘non-gloss’ team!

Some women can’t live without their fave glosses, while others shy far, far away from them.

But now, there might just be ONE very special, universally flattering lip gloss to unite both sides…

A magical potion that’s infused with the goodness and wisdom of Mother Nature!

Bring your lips to life with Bio Lip Elixir – the new 100% natural and organic, tinted reparative lip treatment from Eye of Horus!

This is no ordinary lip gloss, in fact, it plumps and firms the texture of lips, giving them a super smooth, fuller looking appearance thanks to a wealth of natural skin-loving ingredients PLUS a unique marine extract.

And unlike many other lip treatments that can be rough, sticky or waxy, this nourishing formula leaves the pout with a beautifully glossy and hydrating finish.

So, even if you suffer with dry lips, the nourishing formula will soothe them instantly…

…without leaving them (and YOU) in a sticky mess!

Made with a fusion of nurturing oils, butters and waxes, with many elements traced back to ancient times as secret ingredients used for health and beauty.

Sacred oils such as moringa, castor and macadamia oil along with other highly nourishing natural oils (such as cotton seed, linseed oil, jojoba oils and shea butter) ensures this reparative treatment offers a superior conditioning element.

Plus, the pretty bottle with its unique applicator is cleverly shaped to easily outline the shape of your lips to perfection, with a lovely sheer and subtle hint of colour and shimmer - perfect for when you want to look natural, but still polished!

A true everyday handbag staple!

Bio Lip Elixir proves that not only can a lip treatment naturally condition, repair and protect your lips, but it can also give your pout a seriously luscious, glossy and full finish…

…the PERFECT hybrid between a balm and a gloss!

So even if you’re not a regular lip gloss fan, you may just LOVE this (and if you already are a convert, then this may just become your new gloss holy grail!)

Wear this beautifully sheer, neutral conditioning gloss with its universally flattering bronze-peach protective finish on its own for a that sun-kissed look or over your favourite matte lipstick to add moisture, health and gloss...

…who’s ready to love their lips like never before?

Key Ingredients:

Dictyopteris Membranacea Extract is a unique marine extract that naturally plumps and firms the texture of lips for a smooth fuller lip look.

Moringa oil is like liquid gold and is packed with essential nutrients, antioxidants, key vitamins and minerals.

Jojoba Oil is perfect for soothing and nourishing the lips due to it being rich in vitamins A, D & E and skin loving essential fatty acids.

Argan Oil is rich in beneficial nutrients to make sure lips stay plump, soft and supple and has superb moisturising and healing properties.

Key Features:

  • Wear on bare lips or over your fave lipstick!
  • Conditioning and hydrating
  • Nourishing blend of oils, butters and waxes
  • Hydrates, smooths and softens lips
  • Sheer, universally flattering, rose-bronzed-peach tint and subtle shimmer
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Gives a fuller lip look
  • Suits all skin tones
  • Achieve luscious lips with a high-gloss protective finish
A little about the brand…

Eye of Horus is an award-winning Australian brand of colour cosmetics. The iconic Eye of Horus range was inspired by the ancient Egyptians who wore eye makeup believing that it offered magical power and protection to the wearer. The formula is based on ancient sacred ingredients (including Organic Moringa Oil aka “Oil of the Pharaohs” and Castor Oil) delivering the highest quality performing products helping all women feel like a true Goddess! The brand has quickly achieved cult status amongst fans, celebrities and professional Make-up Artists around the world.

As with ALL the makeup brands we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.

SIZE: 7ml


Simply follow these tips:

1. Wear on bare lips (or over your fave lipstick)

2. If wearing on bare lips simply dab onto lips and go!

3. If wearing over lipstick apply to your clean finger first and dab over your lipstick (this avoids the gloss lip applicator mixing lipstick into your gloss tube!)

4. Apply slightly more gloss at the centre of the lips to create a fuller, plumper looking lip.

Price: £22.00


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