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Daniel Sandler
Super Gloss in Super Candy

Daniel Sandler Super Gloss in Super Candy,  Beauty and the Boutique

Daniel Sandler
Super Gloss in Super Candy


This is a firm favourite over all the lip-gloss colours I own, (and believe me I have a lot in my makeup kit!).

This gloss treats the condition of your lips as well as giving them a wonderful vinyl shine.

The pretty pink shade suits all skin tones. It’s beautifully sheer with just enough hint of pink that allows your natural colour to peep through.

This go-to gloss can be worn on its own or with your favourite lipstick. It will add dimension to a nude colour, soften a red and pop every pink lipstick you ever owned.

When my lips feel dry and dehydrated I’ll use this lip-gloss to treat my lips instead of a lip balm, because it’s jam-packed with anti-oxidants Vitamins A and E, so it works hard at nourishing your lips whilst they’re looking fabulous!

As with ALL the makeup brands we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.
Fill weight 11.4g


1. A great colour to wear with every makeup look, simply apply it straight onto your lips for a beautiful natural pout. When you're in doubt of what to wear on your lips? This lip gloss works with everything and on top of everything!

2. For a night out; if you’re fluttering smoky eyes, try nude look lips. A hint of gloss colour doesn’t compete with eye makeup and will make eyes stand out even more. Or apply your favourite lipstick and then dap a little of this gloss over the top for a striking effect!

3. For a more voluminous pout, line the shape of your lips with a matching pencil and then apply the gloss over your entire lip for a full volume effect.

4.If lips ever feel a bit dry, apply some gloss at night time to replenish them whilst you sleep. Never before have your lips looked so sexy in bed!

Price: £11.25


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