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Daniel Sandler
Smoke Socket Brush

Daniel Sandler Smoke Socket Brush,  Beauty and the Boutique

Daniel Sandler
Smoke Socket Brush


If truth be told, a girl can never have too many blending brushes! They are so versatile – from buffing in concealer, applying setting powder, and blending eye makeup. BUT if you are going to invest in just ONE, then this award-winning Daniel Sandler Blending Brush is, in my view, the perfect choice!

The bristles on this brush are round, soft and fluffy, making it ideal for applying eye shadows into the eye socket and crease and will help you easily add a splash of colour to your lids!
Because of the longer bristles, blending is made effortless and creating soft, diffused colour transitions, smokey or natural looks is a piece of cake! PLUS, it works a treat for highlighting the brow bone too!

Feel in total control with this brush and achieve professional results at home EVERY time!

The brush is a tapered shape that fits perfectly around the eye-socket, and because it is made of high-quality natural fibres it works exceptionally well with powders. And BEST of all? It’s handbag-sized – YAY!

A little bit about the brand…

This brush has been expertly designed by Daniel Sandler - one of the UK’s favourite Makeup Artists - who has worked with some of the most beautiful women in the world. With Daniel’s knowledge and experience, he’s created a wonderful blending brush which may just become a staple addition in your makeup bag.

As with ALL the makeup brands we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.

Brush size: 14.5cm (including brush head).
Brush head size: Length - 1.7cm, Width - 1.1cm.
Brush Material: Synthetic


Apply and blend eyeshadow with ease!

1.Use the blending brush to apply a wash of neutral eyeshadow colour all over your eyelid.

2.Wipe brush clean of colour on a dry towel. Now use the brush to apply a darker eyeshadow colour into your socket and crease to make eyes look more defined and larger.

3.For further blending (if required), use the brush in light circular motions to diffuse and blend your eyeshadow to look seamless and natural.

4.Squeeze brush flat between fingertips and apply a dark/medium TONE under your lower lashes on the outer edge for more definition.

To clean: use a mild shampoo or brush cleaner, rinse well and stand upright to dry.

Price: £16.25


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