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Daniel Sandler
Illuminating Face Powders

Daniel Sandler Illuminating Radiant Face Powder,  Beauty and the Boutique

Daniel Sandler
Face Powders


This is your secret to amazing radiance.

Ever noticed how models and celebrities have skin that gleams in a photograph? How do they get the light to bounce off their cheekbones like that? These palettes are how. Take a 'selfie' and watch your skin glow right back at you!

These palettes are a makeup bag ‘must-have’!

An all-in-one palette that I use on clients (and myself) when skin needs a lift and a glamorous sheen and lift to your complexion!

Each palette works on every skin tone and colour - collect them both or choose your favourite!

The cream-textured, pressed powder can be swept together to give a beautiful, illuminating effect on skin, making all skins radiate with a stunning sheen. Or, use the four squares of shimmering loveliness individually as eye shadows, highlighters and lip colour.

Prepare to look your most beautiful!

What’s more, these pallets have been expertly designed by Daniel Sandler - one of the UK’s favourite Makeup Artists - who has worked with some of the most beautiful women in the world. With Daniel’s knowledge and experience he’s created the very best illuminating powder for your makeup bag.
As with ALL the makeup brands we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.

Fill weight 7g.


When applying the powder you may mistakenly think that the sheen isn't bouncing off the skin and apply too much. Fear not, less is more and rest assure as you move your face throughout the day your skin will glow delicately as light bounces off in a beautifully natural way that doesn't look 'over-done' but instead like your skin only more luminous!

1. For cheeks - Swirl a large brush over all the shades and dust cheekbones in a circular motion. Move slightly onto the apples of the cheeks to give a shimmering glow. Add a light layer over your regular blusher or bronzer for more depth and definition.

2. For cheekbones - locate your cheekbones, this is easy to do, just place your thumb directly above your ear tragus (the little nub that sticks out). Then, place your index finger directly below your nostril. This line that your hand creates is exactly where every person’s cheekbone is located on their face. Swipe just the lightest shade with your finger and run this along the outter edge of your cheekbones and blend in with your finger.

3. For eyes - Apply each colour separately or swirl your eye shadow brush to create one beautiful luminous shade. Choosing the lightest shade in the compact, place it just under the brow bone with your fingers or an eye shadow brush to highlight the eye. To brighten eyes, dab a little of the lightest shade from either palette into the inner corner. Apply the colours dry for a soft focus effect or with a wet brush for a really intense finish! Choose any of the other darker shades and press into your eyelid.

4. For lips - Apply a little of the lightest shade on the top of your cupids bow, Now, on clean, dry lips dab the pink or peach shade over your entire lip. Then, using a nude/pink lip liner, gently line your lips before applying a slick of clear lip-gloss.

5. For other areas - Accentuate your collarbone and décolletage using a large brush and a swirl of all four colours, great to enhance these areas when they are on show! You can also brush down the length of the front of your bare legs to give an iridescent glow.

Price: £29.00


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