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Dafna's Personal Skincare
Active Mist 100ml

Dafna's Skincare Active Mist, Beauty and the Boutique



Is your skin missing its luminosity…?

Instantly spritz ‘glow’ and radiance to your face and make up with this!

A new ‘must-have’ for my skincare and beauty routine, this Dafna Skincare Active Mist is the perfect go-to for hydrating, brightening and refreshing your skin…and has been formulated for ALL skin types, even sensitive ones!

A spritz of THIS leaves skin glowing, hydrated, toned and nourished!

The innovative, 100% natural, light yet active facial mist combines plant essences and oil concentrations thanks to a pioneering formula called MelaCareTM - a mix of oils from three medical plants - Camellia japonica, Oxalis triangularis and Eremanthus erythropappus, known for their anti-inflammatory, soothing and antioxidant properties.

With frequent use, skin tone becomes more even and signs of photoaging are reduced thanks to MelaCareTM oil which inhibits the synthesis of melanin (which can lead to sun and age spots also known as melasma).

Pop this skin boosting hero in your bag to mist over your face and neck throughout the day!

The Active Mist not only balances skin tone, but it fights signs of skin-ageing, while promoting hydration, glow and freshness to your complexion…

…my skin and I are LOVING it!

It illuminates the complexion immediately, and restores makeup, reviving it to look like it has just been applied.

Plus, you can use it as a facial toner in the morning and/or night to hydrate freshly cleansed skin.

What’s more, is it smells beautiful and helps reduce feelings of anxiety thanks to a wonderful blend of natural ingredients to soothe and refresh the senses (and the skin!). These include Calendula (to calm and repair), Fig Juice (to hydrate, comfort and cool) along with Geranium & Sweet Orange essential oils (to balance, reduce anxiety or tension and soothe).

More than just your regular facial mist, you’ll not be able to resist spritzing this throughout the day!

Key Features:

  • Hydrates skin throughout the day (even over makeup!) to revive and recover luminosity and glow
  • Can also be used as a toner on freshly cleansed skin AM and PM
  • A unique sensory experience that calms and soothes feelings of anxiety
  • Helps balance uneven skin tone
  • Adds luminosity to mature, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Reduces the signs of ageing and works as an anti-ageing treatment
  • Relaxes the senses and brings immediate comfort
  • MelaCareTM oil - a mixture of oils from 3 medicinal plants (Camellia japonica, Oxalis triangularis and Eremanthus erythropappus) known for their powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects
  • With frequent use, skin tone becomes more even and signs of photoaging are reduced thanks to MelaCareTM oil which inhibits the synthesis of melanin
  • Soothes, softens and repairs the skin
  • Calendula - to calm and repair
  • Greek Fig Extract - to hydrate, comfort, calm and cool
  • Geranium & Sweet Orange Essential Oils - to soothe, balance, reduce irritability in the skin and contribute to emotional balance
A little about the brand…

‘Dafna’s Personal Skincare’ was created in 2016 by Dafna Shaham, a trained aromatherapist, naturopath and cosmetics formulator of natural products. The name DAFNA means ‘laurel leaves’ in Hebrew and is the design of the logo. Each of Dafna’s products encompasses a true wellness experience inside and out. A collaboration with scientists led to the anti-ageing line DR2 in 2014, based on the Ayurvedic philosophy, with natural and bio active ingredients and highly advanced biotechnology that make skin look and feel great, with aromatherapeutic principles that act on the limbic system responsible for emotions. The carefully chosen natural active ingredients (a combination of botanical extracts, essential oils and other advanced biotechnological advanced plant formulations) work together to create effective, healthy and safe-to-use products with visible and clinically proven improvements in skin recovery, texture and delayed signs of ageing.

As with ALL the makeup brands we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.

SIZE: 100ml


For best results, apply the mist in the following way to add glow and hydration to the skin:

1. As a ‘Glow’ Refresher throughout the day:

Spray lightly over skin throughout the day to add hydration and glow to your skin and revive any makeup you may like to wear.

2. As a Morning and Evening Skin Toner:

Use in the morning or at night after your usual cleansing routine but before adding any creams or serums. Apply the mist to your face liberally and massage face and neck with sweeping upwards strokes.

Price: £40.00


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