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Brow Wow
Brow & Eye Palette

Brow Wow, Beauty and the Boutique

Cosmetics a la Carte
Brow Wow Palette


If you want to know the secret to achieving full, elegant and more defined brows and a lifted eye – then look NO further; this little Brow Wow compact is the only product you’ll need for eyes AND brows!

I use this multi-purpose, all-in-one palette on clients (and myself) when I want to lift the brows and OPEN the eyes – whether in a natural way or for that more glamorous, look!

Expertly created by The bespoke British Beauty brand Cosmetics a la Carte, the Brow Wow palette was created to suit REAL women…just like YOU and me, and that’s why I LOVE it!

Simply choose your PERFECT shade from our five shades below, according to your natural head of hair colour:

BLONDE - For fair/blonde hair
TAUPE - For light to medium brown hair
SABLE - For dark brown/black hair
WILLOW - For grey/silver/white hair
MARRON - For auburn/ginger hair

The palette consists of FOUR shades:

TWO matte brow shades: one darker, one lighter so that you can match your own shade beautifully and naturally.
TWO highlighting shades: in a matte and a shimmer so you can choose how you wish to highlight and lift your brow bone.

On top of the four shades, you also get genius little applicators for easy blending – the professional way:

One applicator has an angled eyebrow brush with a narrow slanted edge; the other is a dual-ended brush with one side a sponge or foam tip, and the other side a blending brush.
No need for any other brushes - you get a complete look in ONE compact.

Because of how finely milled the formula is, it’s highly pigmented, both flake and clump free, and it’s got SUPER staying power.

The little silver cased compact is both chic AND fits perfectly in any handbag, plus it contains a mirror so that you can style your eyes on the go!

Made to the highest standards, and with the best innovative ACTIVE nutrients and botanicals, but without irritants (such as preservatives and perfumes) this palette is suitable for ALL skin types, even those with delicate skin. It’s Paraben - and Sulphate-free.

Fill weight: 5g

As with ALL the makeup brands, we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product has not been tested on animals.


Watch my video below or follow these steps!

Whether you want to define your brows or lift the eyes, this palette will offer you BOTH looks, in a few easy to follow steps below. Get ready for the most natural and simple eye-lift of your LIFE!


1. For creating that instant wide awake look, start with either two of the dark shades from your palette. I like to use the lighter of the two darker shades in the socket and the darker of the two shades along the upper lash-line, but experiment for YOUR perfect look!
With the fluffy side of the applicator brush, dab into the socket of the eye in a windscreen motion. This helps lift the socket and creates more definition to the eye.

2. Next, take your angled brush and use the darkest shade along the upper lash line. If you want a more intense colour, just wet the brush before applying! This helps make lashes look thicker and fuller!

3. To brighten eyes, dab a little of the shimmery highlighter shade into the inner corner of your eye (just by the tear duct area) by using the sponge applicator. Apply the colour dry for a soft focus effect or wet the foam applicator for a really intense finish! This helps open up the eye!

4. Now, dab a little of either the shimmer high-light or matte high-light shade just under the arch of your brow down to the brow tail. Blend with a clean brush or a clean finger this helps soften the look and blend any last remaining hard edges away. High-lighting the brow bone helps create the illusion of a more lifted eye.


1. First, take the angled brush and dab it into your chosen colour. (Tap off any excess shadow before applying from your brush and always start lightly – it’s easier to build up colour rather than apply too much at once). Start by adding the colour to the base of the brow, from where your brows starts all the way along the base of the hairline until the arch.

2. Next, apply the same colour into the arch away from the base of the hairline and into the body of the arch and follow down into the tail of your brow in soft strokes.

3. If your brows are a little sparse, just take the soft fluffy brush end, and picking up some of the colour from either of the two darker shades in your palette, lightly brush through the body of your brow to fill in where you might have any sparseness.

4. Using a Q-tip gently wipe around the shape of your brow to soften any harsh lines and clean away any mistakes.

5. To highlight your brow bone, take your foam/sponge applicator brush and dab the matte highlighter shade directly under the brow from the arch to the tail.

6. With the same sponge brush, dab some iridescent highlighter shade and go along the top of the matte highlighter area you have just defined. This will help give the illusion of a higher and more lifted brow bone!

7. Blend the highlighter shade by using either your fingers or your brush – this helps soften the look and blend any last remaining hard edges away.

8. Lastly, gently wipe away any excess powder around the shape of your brow with a Q-tip.

TOP TIP: Experiment with how much or little extra definition you require with Brow Wow until you achieve your perfect brow that looks just right for YOU.
Once discovered, it’s easy and very quick to re-create daily or for special occasions!

Should you feel you’ve applied too much Brow Wow, just comb through with an old (clean) mascara wand and/or apply a very light dusting of translucent powder over the top – this will help soften the look of your newly defined brows.

Price: £38.00


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