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Organic Jojoba Oil

Botanicals-Organic-Jojoba-Oil, Beauty and the Boutique

Botanicals Organic Jojoba Oil


If there was one product that I couldn’t live without, it would be concealer for my under eye bags, but I noticed that the makeup settled into any fine lines, making these areas look cakey and aged!

As a makeup artist, I searched high and low for a solution to this and discovered that jojoba oil works like magic to make these cakey lines disappear before your very eyes!

PLUS, this magical oil also works to balance the amount of oil your skin produces, making oily skin less oily, and dry skin less dry! 

And that’s not all…

… jojoba oil also helps take down any redness or sensitivity in your skin, including any inflammation from rosacea and other skin conditions AND it minimises the appearance of pores, too! 

Now that really IS magic!

The waxy properties of jojoba oil (esters) are very similar to the oil our skin naturally produces (sebum), so a tiny dab will blend into the skin without melting and hold the makeup in place, while replenishing and conditioning it too.

I worked with Botanicals, an English company who produce hand blended, cold pressed jojoba oil that is certified organic, and together we developed an exclusive product for Beauty and the Boutique.

The hand-bag sized bottle, complete with hygienic pipette is great for your makeup bag or bag, giving you the confidence to apply and refresh your makeup while on the go AND know that it is enriching your skin as well.

Jojoba contains vitamins C and E, known for their anti-ageing properties. It's wonderful on sensitive skin and does not clog pores.

As with ALL the makeup brands we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.

Fill weight 30ml


1. To use over any liquid or cream concealer and or foundation, squeeze the tiniest droplet from the pipette onto the back of your hand and take the tiniest amount from the edge of the droplet onto your ring finger.

2. It is important not to use too much, dab any excess off by massaging into a dry bit of skin on your hand, so that most of it has been absorbed and just a thin veil of oil remains on your ring finger.

3. Next, gently apply your ring finger to pat and dab around the under-eye area – you should see the oil melt the products into the fine lines and revive the concealer like magic!

4. This oil also works great as a night-time treatment to help slow down ageing around the eyes; thanks to the naturally occurring youth boosting Vitamin C and E present in the oil. After cleansing, apply 1 drop of the oil and pat in under your eye and over your lid with your ring finger. Sleep and awaken to softer-feeling skin!

Price: £14.95


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