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Air Motion
Hair Brush

Air Motion® Detangler Brush, Beauty and the Boutique

Air Motion®
Detangler Brush


I’ve been attempting to grow my hair for some time and started to notice the weight and ergonomics of my regular brush was ripping out hair and creating more split ends on a daily basis. Eeek!

I wanted to find a potion that would tame my hair and never imagined that I would find it instead, in this remarkable brush!

The AirMotion® concept was developed by industry experts who understand the factors that contribute to daily stress and strain upon your hair, creating a revolutionary new brush that uses air to glide through even the stressed out locks.

The genius configuration of the Airshock® absorption encourages the brush to work to gently to de-tangle knots, as opposed to ripping through your hair and causing damage. This technology makes it the number one brush choice for coloured and sensitised hair.

My hair is easier to brush than ever, because this gets knots out like nobody’s business, which saves me time after the shower. Plus, I get less split ends, which saves me money as I can go longer in between haircuts. Just be warned -everyone will want to borrow it!


1. If hair is wet, avoid rubbing your hair with a towel. Instead, firmly press the towel into your hair to soak up excess water before brushing.

2. Always brush gently to avoid snagging the hair and breaking it. Start close to the ends and stroke downward, freeing tangles. When tangles at the ends are gone, move up to the middle and work down, freeing the tangles as you go. Never begin at your crown and work straight down, this will put too much strain on your hair.

3.The ends are usually more tangled, so be sure to delicately work through the knots and avoid a heavy handed approach.

Price: £11.95


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