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3 Custom Color
Concealer and Foundation Palette

3 Custom Color Concealer, Beauty and the Boutique

3 Custom Color
Concealer and Foundation Palette


Conceal dark circles and perfect your skin with this handbag-friendly palette that can be enjoyed as concealer AND foundation. It's two in one!

If, like me, you suffer from dark circles, this clever little palette illuminates them without drying out the delicate skin under eyes. The luxurious creamy formulation allows you to create a show-stopping complexion, and no one need know you’ve cheated!

Having this palette in my handbag gives me the opportunity to refresh my complexion and cover up dark, under-eye circles at any given time, resulting in a more wide-awake, confident looking me throughout the entire day.

The palette contains three separate crème concealers in neutral tones - which means the palette promise to suit your skin colour and it helps to minimise fine lines - you can use them to blend and match your skin summer through to winter.

Alternatively, use the spatula included to mix them together to create your very own signature shade.

You’ll always be able to blend your perfect colour to look your best, and the great news is that it can also be used as a foundation, or face tint when mixed with your regular day moisturiser. Say, “hello” to your best complexion yet!

Available in two palette shades:

Light to Medium Palette:
suits porcelain to fair skin

Medium to Dark Palette:
uits dark-medium to dark skin

As with ALL the makeup brands we stock here at Beauty and the Boutique – this product is NOT tested on animals.

Net weight 7.5g


1. To create a shade that works perfectly for you - Either choose a readily formulated shade from the palette or take the spatula and mix your custom shade on the back of your hand, apply as a concealer with your fingertips.

2. To cover under-eye circles - I like to apply foundation first over my face and under my eyes and then follow with concealer. This way I can judge just how much concealer I need. Use a shade that is 1 to 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone, this will brighten and lift your under-eye. Using your ring finger, pat on a thin layer of concealer, paying close attention to the innermost corners, where many of us have dark shadows. For extra coverage for very dark circles continue to apply thin layers on top of each other. Press and dab the formulation so that it melts into the skin.

Gives full coverage when used alone, or mix it with a little moisturiser on the back of your hand and apply with a damp sponge for sheer foundation coverage. Set with powder for extended wear.

3. To wear as a foundation - simply take the spatula and
put your chosen shade on the back of your hand, now, add a thumb size amount of your favourite day cream and mix on the back of your hand with a brush or fingertips. Now, apply as you would your regular foundation.

4. To cover spots - apply foundation over your face, now dab the product over the spot and delicately pat. Dab and feather the product around the outer edges of the spot. Apply translucent powder to set in place and repeat if extra coverage is needed.

Makeup artist and beauty editors the worlds over love New York-based Three Custom Color for their innovative product formulations, expertly mixed colours, devotion to creating quality products and solutions to everyday makeup dilemmas.

Watch my video below to see more tips!

Price: £39.95


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